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All absences must be entered into the Kiosk as soon as possible. Your absences would include sick leave, personal leave, vacation leave (if applicable), professional leave, jury duty, and military leave.

Types of Absences

  • Sick Leave: You will receive 1.25 days per month, for a total of 15 days per year. Sick leave will roll over from year to year and can accumulate up to 285 days.
  • Personal Leave: You will receive up to 3 days of personal leave per year and these days do not roll over from year to year. Personal leave must be approved in advance by your supervisor. Personal leave can not be used the day before or after a holiday or when school is not in session. Please refer to Board Policy or negotiated agreement for further details.
  • Vacation Leave: Full-time 260 days employees will earn vacation based on Board Policy. Administrators may accrue up to 30 days of vacation. Classified staff may accrue up to 35 days of vacation.
  • Professional Leave: Your supervisor must approve all requests for professional leave. Once you receive approval from your supervisor to attend a professional development event, you must enter your professional leave request into the Kiosk. When you select professional leave as a reason for your absence, you will see the professional leave details/expense page appear, which you must complete.
  • Jury Duty: If you are called for jury duty, please let your supervisor know and submit your time in the kiosk. The ESC will continue to pay your salary and any money you receive from the court needs to be sent to the Treasurer’s Office.
  • Military Leave: Please send HR a copy of your orders to report.

If you will be out for an extended period of time, please contact the Human Resources Department.

Family Medical Leave (FMLA)

For information about Family Medical Leave, please contact Britni McKinniss.


Human Resources Department

Britni McKinniss

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