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Carrier Information
Member service 1-866-633-2446
Care24 – 1-888-887-4114

myUHC mobile app
available to locate physicians, or facilities near you, manage your prescriptions, ID cards, estimate your health care and drug costs, check status of deductible and out of pocket spending, view claims, compare prices and find lower cost options.
Member service 1-888-202-1654

CVS/Caremark mobile app
available to refill/renew service prescriptions, check order status and view history, check drug coverage and costs under your plan, find local pharmacies in your plan’s network, check for potential drug interactions among medications.
Member service 1-800-524-0149

Delta Dental mobile app
available to find a dentist, cost estimator, check your coverages and view claims. 
Member service 1-800-877-7195

VSP Vision Care on the Go mobile app
available to find a doctor, check your claims and benefits, rebates and special offers glasses, contacts and Lasik, eye care information and your member vision card. 
This is the MCESC landing page for American Fidelity

Christina Howard (Representative)

Contact your District HR or Treasurer’s office
Employee login (first name initial last name with last 4 of SSN) = jsmith1234

If you have a qualifying status change, submit a change request to change your enrollments, view your change request history, upload documents, and view your current benefits.

Before retirement, Medicare options, insurance benefit comparisons, etc.