Effective June 30, 2024, Montgomery County ESC will no longer utilize PDExpress for LPDC purposes. Access to PDExpress will continue through June 30, 2024. Please click here for more information.


To get ready for this transition, we are in the process of downloading and saving all current IPDPs, all transcripts showing activities that have been completed, and a record of activities that have been approved but not yet completed. We will not be downloading individual documents that have been uploaded. If you need copies of these, it will be your responsibility to go into your account and print them off. These individual documents will not be available after 6/30/2024.

Here are the directions to print out documents in PDExpress:

  • To view and print out documents that were attached to “Completed” activity requests, click on the My Information tab in the black bar at the top of the screen. Then click on Out of District PD in the dropdown menu. You will see a list of all “Completed” activities. When you click on any one of the activities listed, a pop-up window will appear with the attached document at the bottom of the screen.
  • To view and print out documents that were attached to “Approved” activity requests that were never completed, you can access them directly by clicking on the Activities link on the home page of the PDExpress site.
  • To view and print out current and past IPDPs, you can access these by clicking on the Plans link in the same row as the Activities link.

Beginning January 1, 1999 all certificate/licensure renewals must be processed through the LPDC.

The LPDC, rather than the state certification office, has become the signatory for certification/licensure renewal. The LPDC cannot approve any new certificate or licensure, only renewals.

Educators will be expected to renew their certificate/licensure by developing an individual professional development plan that must be reviewed, approved, and verified by the LPDC in each school district.

Educators who have obtained a permanent certificate do not have to develop an individual professional development plan. Permanent certificates remain permanent under the new licensure system.

What is PDExpress?

PDExpress is the online platform used to create and track all LPDC documents such as Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs), professional development completion certificates, transcripts, and individual professional development activity forms. Everyone working through the LPDC must have a PDExpress account. Please contact Bill Lauson to set up your account.

Do I need to work with the LPDC to renew my license?

Who must work through an LPDC?

  • All educators (teaching, non-teaching, and associate personnel, including interpreters and treasurers) who:
  • Hold a certificate, professional or an associate or career technical workforce development 5-year license; and
  • Are employed full- or part-time in the school, school district, agency or institution the LPDC represents; and
  • Wish to fulfill the license renewal requirements

Who may work through an LPDC?

An LPDC may develop criteria and procedures to serve educators with standard certificates or professional licenses (i.e., substitute teachers) who are employed on a regular basis in the district or school represented by the LPDC. If there is no such operational procedure, those educators must work directly with the Ohio Department of Education in order to fulfill license renewal requirements.

Who is exempt from working through an LPDC?

  • Resident Educators and Alternative Resident Educator license holders
  • Provisional Career Technical Workforce Development license holders
  • Alternative Administrative Educator license holders
  • Supplemental or 1-year Out-of-Sate license holders
  • Professional Pupil Services license holders (i.e, school nurse, school social worker OT/PT, SLP, School Nurse, Audiologist)
  • Permanent certificate license holders

EMC LPDC Committee

  • Marion Stout, Director of HR  (937) 225-4598  x3029
  • William Lauson, HR Supervisor (937) 253-4178
  • Laura Conrad, Intervention Specialist (937) 253-4178
  • Dominic Gussler, Intervention Specialist (Chair) (937)253-4178

MCESC LPDC Committee

  • William Lauson, (Chair) HR Supervisor (937) 253-4178  x4251
  • Hallie Greenfield, Specialist Staff   (937) 236-9965  x2568
  • Laura Jones, SST Staff   (937) 236-9965  x2170
  • Marion Stout, Director of HR  (937) 225-4598  x3029
  • Katie Grothaus, Career Navigator (937) 225-4598


Bill Lauson
937-225-4603 x4251

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