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Employees who are required to hold a valid SBOE license must utilize the OHID Portal to apply for and renew their license. Employees may be required to work through the Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) to renew their licenses.

Types of Licenses/Permits

  • Teacher- Includes Intervention Specialist, Art, Music, and Physical Education. All teachers must work through the LPDC once they are issued a professional license for renewal
  • Educational Aide Permit- All educational assistants are required to hold either a one-year or four-year educational aide permit
  • Pupil Services License
    • OT/PT- Also requires a valid State Board License
    • SLP- Also required a valid State Board License
    • School Psychologist
    • O&M
    • School Nurse- Also required a valid State Board License
    • School Counselor
    • Audiologist- Also requires a valid State Board License
  • Interpreter
  • Administrative License
  • Alternative License
  • Supplemental License
  • Substitute Teaching

For more detailed information, please click on the SBOE link and type your specific licensure area in the search bar.

School Psychologist License Changes

The school psychology pupil services license issued by the Department of Education and Workforce will transfer to oversight by the State Board of Psychology on Jan. 1, 2025. Please visit OSPA for more detailed information on the change.


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