Prescription Savings

Prescription Savings Program

If you have prescriptions and are looking for ways to save on costs, visit or download the free GoodRx app to help save.

How it Works

  1. Type in your prescription name and press “Find the Lowest Price”
  2. Browse and compare prices at your local pharmacies listed
  3. Print the free coupon or pull up on the up on your phone
  4. Show Pharmacist the coupon and save

Good Rx does not use your insurance. If you would like to have your out-of-pocket costs applied to your deductible, you must confirm your prescriptions are covered under the plan formulary, and submit your receipt directly to UHC.

Kroger Rx Savings Club

Kroger Rx Savings Club is ending July 1, 2024. For questions, please contact us at 855-912-6346.

Visit to start searching your prescriptions and see if this is the right membership Rx savings program for you and you family.

  • 100+ common prescriptions for FREE, $3, or $6.  Plus, save on 1,000+ generic prescriptions.
  • Individual membership for just $36 per year. Family plan (up to 6 people, including pets) is only $72 annually.
  • Sign-up in only 2 minutes and start saving with your membership immediately!


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