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Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing Council

The Southwest Ohio Educational Purchasing Council is a collaborative organization that facilitates joint purchasing efforts among educational institutions in the southwest Ohio region. It aims to leverage the collective buying power of its member organizations, which typically include school districts, educational service centers, and other educational entities.

Covering over 100 School Districts and 48,000 members, the EPC leverages our position in the market to bring industry leading vendors at competitive pricing. 

Cost Saving Programs:

The EPC facilitates cost saving programs to participants with various vendors.

Flu shot program –Paid injection for all district employees, spouses, and children

Biometric Screenings –Paid screening for all district employees 

Preventive Care Screenings – UHC members have access to no cost medications defined as preventive for a variety of conditions including Diabetes, Asthma, Depression, Hypertension, Cholesterol. Want more information? Visit uhc.com/preventivecare 

Enhanced Preventive Drug Coverage – Did you know that EPC offers a wide variety of medications at no cost to you?  Do you want to know more?  Click for more details!

Condition Management – For UHC members with Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiac, Behavioral Health, Pregnancy. Education on condition and treatment plans while providing resources and referrals to improve health. Go to myuhc.com for more information!

Wellness Coaching – UHC members can participate in education on Tobacco Cessation, Weight and Wellness, Stress Less, Eat Smart, Sleep Well, Financial Wellness. Individual live coaching including online learning with videos and activities, moderate discussion groups, and digital tools to track progress

Real Appeal – UHC members, along with spouses and adult dependents for Eat Healthier, Stay Active & Develop Healthy Habits. Once a week live coaching session, digital tools, and success kit to track progress.

Hello Heart – Heart Health Program for UHC members, along with spouses and adult dependents. Track, understand, and manage your heart health. Hello Heart blood pressure monitor that connects to your smartphone. Send reports to your doctor to identify patterns, set medication reminders and get tips on how to improve your heart health.

Christ Hospital – Spine, back, knee or hip surgery at NO COST to enrolled members.

EPC Wellness Grant Program – Districts apply for grants to support wellness programs within their district.



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